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Is Better

It's free, it's painless, and there's support if you test positive. Get your FREE Covid-19 test today, to protect yourself and those you love and need you. Even with no symptoms, you may be spreading COVID, so test today and stop the spread!

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Don't wait. Find a location near you and get tested today!

Why Get Tested?

Symptom-free can still spread

Testing is for everyone

No insurance. No documents. No problem

Knowing helps keep loved ones safe

We are essential

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It's better to know

It's fast, free, and painless

It's private and confidential

Support & services if you are positive

Together, we are stronger than Covid

A Covid-19 test helps to identify an outbreak, before it spreads to our loved ones.

Get a Test: The Journey

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Find a Site

near you that offers free COVID-19 tests.

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Get a Test!

knowing is better. it's fast, free, and no insurance or documents are needed.

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your personal info is not shared!

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Stay Home

and isolate for 14 days if you can to heal and keep loved ones safe.

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Test Positive

stay positive! many have or will get the virus and most heal at home.

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Test Negative

you are clear! remember to retest in a month & encourage others to do the same.

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Medical Care

a medical provider will be in touch to monitor your condition

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CT Covid Trace

we may reach out to see who you have been in contact with to help prevent the spread.

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You Are Not Alone!

if you need food or help staying connected, we will be in touch!